1. Little Expressionless Animals

Softly held the light beneath your skin

Never drew a breath between our names

As you come aware that something's left

Everybody knows that you are dead

I can feel this place becoming what it never was

Do we embrace the hours, as if we never lost

One lonely resignation; tethered to your thoughts

I'm dreaming through these motions, in hopes that it will last

And I won't follow you back home.

2. The Kids Were Wrong

Go to sleep, nothing's changing

I'll be right here by your side

Break the teens, colours fading

In the stillness of the night

You're thick-skinned, but it seems

You're hiding in daydreams

Can't find our way to the light

And when this routine ends, through nights and weekends

we'll see daylight through the blinds

Drifting in a cold state, the glowing cracks of old days

Bodies slack and pressed beneath the hour in your eyes

Fingernails and cold skin, your parent's bed we lay in

Arms outstretched to emptiness; the space you've left behind

Go to sleep, nothing's changing

I'll be right here by your side

Tear the seams, we're not aging

Beneath these trembling star-lit skies

You're thick-skinned, but you know

It's beyond our control

Shadows gleaming in our eyes

Been living a past dear, be free from those dull years

And we'll see daylight through the blinds

3. All Our Wonder

You were always the good one

And now you are the lonely one, and so am I

You dig your heel

If walls could feel, it'd hit like thunder

You suffered in silence

Two thoughts; it was the sound of one, but not enough

Inside your heart

Can't fake a part

No more silence in me

We're not the lucky ones

We'll never be the lucky ones

What you found was a way out

Not much, but it's the thought that counts, and so I try

To make a start

To fake a part

4. Punctum

It's not enough to live your past, through photographs


One falling breath you've held in time, encased in light

Now fading

I can't feel you in these scenes

An absence leaves this incomplete

Kept you alive, but it's unclear, what holds you here


Echoes of life embrace these walls, 'til they dissolve


I've been searching for you in these frames

By face or name, your eyes...

Where's the fight you are feeling?

When life takes away each fleeting part of what we are inside.

5. Heirloom

Between a state where years collide

And we can just lie still, waiting for the day to spill

And watch the light slowly arrive, pressed against my eyes

Tracing all your lines, slowly

Lie on the ground before the lightning strikes

Just don't drown in the flood

Been weaving threads between our names

A pact to carry on, in case this all goes wrong

When we were sleeping thorugh the years

The days all seemed far off, until the sky swelled up


Can we survive without measured time?

6. Bonfire

It's getting late, 'think I'll turn in

The moon is out and it's much too cold to swim

I left your photo in this pool

With all the thoughts I weave, in order to recall you

Out in the pale grey mothlight sky

I see my breath like ghosts too fragile to take flight

I held the photo to the light, and traced the symmetries our fingerprints divide

And I'll keep moving westward, along these streets at once ascending

Shift beneath the floorboards of our bed as you lie sleeping

And I will bring you fire to dissolve the memory of

All our wonder, unavenged

In silence, keep repeating

It's the same

7. Pale Blue

Hold me under

Pull the covers

Lights on water

Reasons falter

We're not alone.

8. Walk with Me

It started when we were younger

Beneath the lead eyes of the city skyline

We gave ourselves to the current

A surface unswayed in our wake

I rest my head on your shoulder

And dreamt we were gone, but our names remained

Felt the pulse of the water

And left behind all my old ways

This life could be graced with symmetry

Walk with me, do you walk with me?

I can't forget the place this started

Walk with me, will you walk with me?

9. Kinds of Light

Our bodies lie on the water

On the water, we drew breath

Before we suffocate, 'felt the glow of better days

Heart is beating, memories creasing

The self revealed in folding paper,

It's just vapour, we're just vapour

The plans we made, the names we'd break

I felt a home there, I hid my own there

I can't see you behind all these waves

The more I look the more you fade

I can't see your face amongst these waves

The more I look the more you fade

And I'd hoped that we could go out and see it

(we'll be in a better place).

10. Old Haunts

When will we know it's enough?

Kept you here beneath my breath

Smooth the sheets upon the bed

Gathered slowly on the steps

Placed an heirloom to forget

When will we know it's enough?

It's enough

It's enough.